Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Picking out exterior items, knowing they all need to work be approved by "the committee"  *

metal roof for cupola
exterior paint
window frame color
front door color
shutter color
cast stone color

We've pretty much decided on our brick selection. So far, the only thing I'm 90% certain about is using authentic Charleston Green on the shutters.  Since there is one window frame color that is on the approved list, we can put a check mark by that as well.  At least we have a starting point.
As the story goes:

Charleston, SC was trying to rebuild after the Civil War and were not pleased with the black paint the North sent down to help them. Not wanting to use this black paint, but having few options, the creative Charleston residents added splashes of green and yellow to the paint. The result was a dark, dark green that is still used in Charleston today. It is actually produced by Duron Paint in their Colors of Historic Charleston collection. **

And off I go today to gather samples and paint chips.

*"the committee" -- an actual group of people who approve or reject everything (such as brick, paint, fence, landscaping, location of garage, front door, etc.) that goes on a house in this neighborhood

** If you look for Charleston Green in the color palette, it is on the fourth row from the bottom, far right end.

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