Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Father Knows Best?"

One of my favorite neighborhoods has homes that actually remind me of "Leave It To Beaver," "Father Knows Best" and "Andy Griffith" shows.  Many of these photos have been captured from www.har.com real estate listing.

This particular neighborhood has alleys behind many of the houses, with the garages opening to the alley. Guests parallel park in specified areas along the streets.

The sidewalks that run along the fronts of the yards are fun for children to use for tricycles, hop-scotch, jump rope and other fun childhood games.

And those wonderful front porches where homeowners have added seating areas so they can enjoy an evening rest away from the noise of today's homes (TV, Internet, cell phones, etc.) .

Maybe the fathers who built these houses actually DID know best. They knew the value of community, of friendly neighborhoods, of sidewalks that could be used for strolling, of a central park area where neighbors could visit, rest on the benches, and watch children at play.

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