Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Credit where credit is due (part 2)

The sign had appeared on the lot without the builder being aware it had been placed there. We had spoken to this builder previously, and when we called to ask him if the lot was for sale, he was surprised to know about the sign because he had a contract on the lot.

Maybe I should share this tidbit to put all of this in perspective. We have spoken to owners of other lots to find out the lot wasn't available. On more than one occasion, we actually told the owner that we would be interested in talking to them if something fell through with the contract they had on that property. Although they all assured us they would let us know, we NEVER heard back from any of them. Every contract went through with the exception of one of them.

I'm not sure what happened with the contract that didn't materialize, but the builder went ahead and built a "spec" home on the lot and it is currently for sale. I've visited this home multiple times and it is lovely! I wish one of my friends would buy it because it has an beautiful view, an elevator, and a great lot. It's a home that needs a great family to love it.

When we found out the builder had a contract on the lot with the new "for sale" sign, we once again mentioned we would like to talk to him if the contract fell through. We NEVER expected a phone call within the week, but were excited when it happened.

Since we knew what we wanted, we immediately began working with the builder, designer and architect to get the plans ready. After a year, we were ready to start construction.

It's taken a team of dedicated professionals to put our ideas together. "Frank Bonner", owner of "Bonner Residential Designs", along with "Ben Marshall", project manager, are incredible. We loved working with these two gentlemen.  I'm convinced that designer "Lauren" can literally read my mind. Her diplomacy is incredible when she explains why I don't want something I actually thought I wanted.  ;-)    Lauren has a track record of making wise decisions and giving well-researched answers. I wouldn't want to do this without her expertise.

"Robert Mays" who owns "Mays Custom Homes", is not only the builder, but a talented artisan in his own right. His myraid talents often amaze us. Last week I thought I had exhausted every possible idea for a situation I was considering. When I mentioned it to Robert, he had an even better idea within minutes and told us how it could be implemented.  Plus, Robert was a trim carpenter in the past and has an wonderful eye for trim, one of our favorite parts of house design. 

Bringing this team together wasn't anything we spent extensive time researching. We had spoken to Mr. Mays previously and were impressed with his company. We knew Frank Bonner had designed the home we fell in love with, the one that was never listed for sale. My daughter-in-law and I had taken a decorating class from Lauren in the summer of 2007, but she has since moved out of town. When we interviewed other designers, maybe we weren't being impartial. We had already spent time talking to Lauren about our ideas and knew how she worked. None of the other people we talked to cared as much about our home as Lauren had cared. While we're working long distance for most of this, we have already built a relationship that allows this to work for us.

Lauren and Mr. Mays have met, and she has seen the lot. She and I have sat together at the same table in the same city and spent hours pulling things together.  Although I'd love to take credit for this entire project, I know that is far from the truth.  My part is sharing my husband's and my dream, and the professionals are making it come together. Without them, this home would not be happening.

I am grateful for each of them! I am aware there is a big chance the Lord orchestrated the entire situation, so I thank him most of all.

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