Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Credit where credit is due

Sometimes we pray, yet don't even know what to ask for. We don't know what God wants because the question isn't something spelled out in the pages of scripture. Yet, stories of the patriarchs give us perspective as we watch how God repeatedly put things in order for his people.

I will not stand up and say that God sent us to this lot. That would be unwise because there was no audible voice, no lightening bolt and no clear picture. However, I do know God's ways enough to understand he could have very well caused many things work together for this lot to become our property.

In order not to bore you to tears, I'll just mention the general idea that we had looked for homes and lots for a dozen or more years. It wasn't an all consuming passion, just something in our minds as we frequented MLS listings and drove around the area. Sometimes that area would become larger as we looked in nearby acreage communities as well. Yet, one thing kept us close to where we have lived for 26 years. We like our hometown! Secondly, and probably more important right now, my husband works several miles away from home. It was essential that public transportation to his office be easily accessible. As I mentioned earlier, we are fine in the house we have. It's close to the Park & Ride, stores are nearby, yet it's tucked away in the middle of a neighborhood where we don't hear lots of noises.

We spent hours searching a gated community when it was opened, and never found what we wanted. "HOW can we not find what we want in that neighborhood?" we would ask ourselves. An agent once drove us to what he thought was the perfect lot because it fit our entire "wish list." As we stood there, enjoying the views, we heard the noise from a nearby busy street as the traffic whizzed by. "This is not the backyard space we want" so we marked that lot off the list. I'm sure more than one agent finds us unrealistic. In fact I know that is true because one of them told us. (I kept my response to myself.)

But as my husband began watching a fairly new neighborhood, we saw lot after lot being sold, and didn't even know if it would be possible to find a place to build this one-story home we wanted. A builder we had been interested in had passed away. Nothing was "falling into place" from all appearances.

But then one day, my husband noticed a sign that had just been placed on a vacant lot............

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