Friday, February 28, 2014

Keeping it all straight (part 2)

Susan Lang created an invaluable book, Designing Your Dream Home: Every Question to Ask, Every Detail to Consider, and Everything to Know Before You Build or Remodel.   This book has helped me tremendously because it has given me information I would not have known about, helped me think through things that I wouldn't have questioned until it was too late, and provided me with a method to stay organized.

Lang's organizational method involves using binders to keep records, brouchures, and other necessary information readily available.  Instead of looking everywhere when I need some information, I know exactly where it's at, which binder to look in, which that adds up to being a tremendous time saver.

When I realizd it would be easier to access forms through the ebook, I downloaded it to my Kindle app. That allowed me quicker access to the forms so I could print them off much easier. I carried Lang's book in the car with me while we were planning this house. I still have it readily available, but it's not as needed as it was during the planning stage. I do realize this book saved us much grief since it taught me to think through the use of rooms instead of only looking at how the rooms looked on flat paper.

WWW.DESIGNWITHSUSAN.COM has a sneak peak at the book, as does

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