Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping it all straight

I'm a "list person" and readily admit it. Without my grocery list, I NEVER get everything I need at the store. If I leave home without a list of errands, at some point I'll just decide I'm tired and head home, never completing my "to do list."  I know, I know........this does sound rather insane, but that's the way I work.

I realized I had way to much to keep organized with normal life (grocery shopping, dry cleaners, errands, etc.) plus everything I needed to get done to our current home and for the new home. I had scraps of paper EVERYWHERE and nothing was being remembered. THIS HAS TO STOP! 

My solution was to use three journals/spirals to get everything organized.

1. Spiral to use for my shopping lists, grocery lists, errands when I head out for the day.  It sits in my shopping cart with me, and rides next to me in the car. It sends me in the right direction and keeps me from wasting time, effort and gasoline.

2. Small spiral for keeping track of notes on the new house. It goes with me when I meet with ANYONE regarding the house. In fact, it leaves home as much as I do. I have a tote bag with floor plans, pencils, pens, markers, tape, architectural ruler, tape measure, clip board, paper, etc. This tote lives between my house and the back of my SUV. I write everything down and have it handy for reference.

3. Flip journal that I keep my "to do list" in. It contains notes like "call Direct Buy about the furniture order" along with the name of my contact, the phone number and the order number. The note stays there until the furniture arrives. It's then marked out. When an entire page is marked through, I cut off the corner of that page so I no longer worry about anything on that page. (I do keep the pages for reference.)

Flip the journal over and I have a list of things I need to do to our current house before we put it up for sale.

I'm sure there must be a more effecient method for all of this, but this system works for me.

In additional to the journals/spirals, I have a couple crates of binders. But that's a story for another day.

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