Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thankful for a ray of sunshine

Finding the brick we would use involved driving around different areas and looking at home after home. We finally found a contender near San Felipe and S Voss Rd.

After looking at this house from the street a couple times, the homeowners graciously allowed us to take photos, and shared the name of the brick company. We were excited to realize the brick was supplied by the same company we would be using.

We looked at roof samples, roofs on homes, cast stone samples, metal sheeting, window trim samples and a myriad of paint samples. I consider it a blessing that we found an empty, new home nearby with our brick choice. That has made it easy to compare all of the samples with the brick we'll use. An added bonus were the few rays of sun that would peak out from time to time, allowing us to see true colors and how they work together. It's been the perfect solution to choosing exterior elements.

Our designer has given us a thumbs up on trim paint, and we're all waiting to find the perfect blue for those porch ceilings.

Meanwhile, we're looking at designs for the elliptical fan light that will become the transom over our front doors.

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