Friday, February 28, 2014

What is "southern?"

Searching on the Internet provides me with no definite answer to my question. I see lots of photos of cottages, mansions, row houses, farm houses and track homes. I see siding and brick. There are one story homes, plus two and three story city homes. Most have porches, but some do not.

Some furniture is grand, much of it is restored from grandmother's attic or a resale shop. There are Chippendale sofas or possibly rustic tables made from salvaged wood. The house might be on the coast or in the country.

WHAT makes a house a "southern home?"

Maybe it is the family that lives in the house. Does the house hold a warm welcome? Is there southern hospitality? Southern, like sweet tea, is a relaxed state of mind. Southern homes are meant to be loved, but meant to be homes more than showcases.

That the best definition I can come up with. Maybe it's like being a Texas Aggie: "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it."

"A&M is a family. It is a family that cares for its own, a family that reaches out, a family that is unified in the face of adversity." (former Student Body VP at UT-Austin when discussing the loss of life in the 1999 A&M Bonfire collapse)

Maybe, just maybe, that is similar to what a southern family is like. After all, a family makes the house a home!

This might confuse the issue even more. Traditional Home posted a "traditionally Southern Home" on their Facebook page today. This house is a Mediterranean style home in Nashville. So, maybe, just maybe, it is a state of mind rather than a style.

Light-Filled Nashville Home
A traditionally Southern house with a layer of Mediterranean style

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