Sunday, March 30, 2014

(Borrowed post part 2) Childhood memories

from previous post: "It is autobiographical if you do your own interiors and biographical if aided by an interior designer" is my favorite part of this article. This is the part I would highlight in yellow if I were reading it in a book. So why rant and rave about the other parts of the article? (Because I'm opinionated?) This lone sentence inspires me.

Why all the ranting and raving about the newspaper article? Basically because that one sentence captured my attention, demanding a post, yet it is best seen in context. However, I did not like most of it's context, so decided a rebuttal was in order in case anyone cared for my opinion. Now, since we all know my opinion is not the law, we can move on. I feel better about getting all that off my mind.

When my daughter shares stories of her eighth graders, it often reminds me of immature thoughts of my own when I was that age. Middle schools are full of students whose bodies are growing faster than their minds can keep up. The conversations these students have and their innocent comments often provide reason for adults to hold in laughter in order not to embarrass the young teens.

In case you need an example: one firmly held belief of mine as a youngster was that rocks NEVER change. I grew up in flat West Texas. The abundance of rocks in the area hadn't changed my entire life. Why did the science teachers believe the fallacy that erosion could alter the shape and size of stones? I was convinced this was totally wrong! 1. Rocks are hard. 2. No amount of rain could beat down enough to alter that hard surface.  (Remember: Growing up in a DRY climate with little rain, I didn't realize the power of rain and running water.)

Knowing the thoughts I held as a child, please consider another firmly held opinion. I much preferred reading autobiographies over biographies. My reasoning? "A person knows more about himself than some random author would know." (There is actually much truth in that statement, so I had absolutely no use for biographies. I saw NO value in the genre.)  I remember a conversation with a teacher who pointed out that a person can't write about his own death, so a biography would actually be able to add information that a autobiography could not include. Hum!?  She had a valid point, so I made a mental note to check the encyclopedia or a biography for a date of death if I was doing research.

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