Monday, March 3, 2014

Coat hangers can be helpful

With the framework going up, we are suddenly able to get a much better idea of how built-ins will work in the closets. Instead of using a tape measure yesterday, I carried a few coat-hangers with me.

unknown source
As I laid the coat hangers on the concrete where I wanted rods and shelving, I knew exactly how much space that rack of clothing would take in the closet space. We were concerned that one of the closets wouldn't have space for luggage storage that we seriously hoped would be available. After using our "coat hanger trick" we were relieved to see there was more space than it seemed. So, with some well-laid plans, that closet will hold hopefully hold everything it needs to be well-organized and efficient.

While coat hangers are definitely helpful to keep clothing off the floor, they served a new purpose yesterday. That "picture" was better than thousands of words we would have needed had we tried to measure and mark the space to show us the same information.

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