Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Since writing the last post, our decision has been made. We want an elliptical fanlight over the front doors. In fact, we want a replica of the window above the front door at Boone Hall Plantation.

What I thought would be easy is actually somewhat frustrating. The thoughts in my mind have to be translated through our builder to a salesman, then to a window designer who is sitting behind a computer without the ability to read the minds of clients he never sees or talks to. THAT can present a challenge to clients, and I'm sure to this designer as well. 

The first drawings we received were a surprise.  I had not expected for someone to spend time creating drawings without knowing what I wanted. Please do not misunderstand. These drawings were beautiful and the windows created from them would have been stunning. They were just not what we wanted.

In response, I shared some ideas and asked for drawings of some choices. Apparently it is not as easy as I envisioned to create the drawings I asked for. I did not receive multiple versions to look at and choose from.  I can appreciate this. However, to see how different ideas compared, we needed visuals to compare. I started hand-drawing the designs. Although the results could be called feeble at best, the drawings served the purpose.

After deciding exactly what we want, I sent my hand-drawn design to the builder along with a bullet point list of what we are asking for. The builder understood the list so I thought it was a "given" that others would understand as well.

In response, we received another two drawings from BMC. Both drawings contained different parts of what I asked for.  PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER IN ONE WINDOW and I'll be happy!!!    LOL  I didn't actually yell. Instead I laughed. Communication does seem to be the solution to this problem, but I don't know WHERE the communication is breaking down on the way to the designer's mind.

When I got an email from the builder yesterday, I called him and tried my best to explain why we aren't accepting the current designs. He does understand and said he is going to figure out how to make this happen. Now we wait on this communication issue to be solved and to see a drawing of the window we want. 

EDIT: Tuesday, May 25, 2014

The transom design has been approved. Exciting!!!

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