Thursday, March 27, 2014



: exactly straight down or up : in a perfectly vertical position

This is probably one of those moments when you should respond aloud with a hearty "DUH!" But here goes: "The more I visit the construction site, the more I learn."  There! I said it.

In 1986-87 we were looking for a new home. We actually had a contract on one home but it feel through. The couple who owned that home told us some amusing stories about the house. Apparently the original owners moved from Dallas and loved their one story home there. When they couldn't find a home in Houston they liked, they decided to reproduce their Dallas home. They found a builder and a wonderful lot tucked away at the end of a cul-de-sac on which to build the home.

The story goes that every afternoon when the couple got off work, they showed up with a level and a plumb line to check everything that had been done during the day. They would find things that weren't exact, and demand they be corrected before moving forward. The builder never had a reputation of building a good quality house, so that probably tested his patience even more than it would if his homes were well built. He made the statement to the second owners (the people who told us this story) that he would NEVER build another house for the original owners. They were "too picky."

I'm assuming he was serious because when the couple bought an even larger lot and asked the builder to reproduce the same house again on that new lot, the builder declined.

I too have seen things that aren't exact and other items that need to be changed. But instead of sending a daily list, I'm making a running bullet list of these items. I've been assured that when framing is finished, we will walk-through the house and point out things that need to be addressed. The builder has 2 days built into the schedule to make these changes.

But, meanwhile, I am fascinated at how the framers assured that downstairs walls stay plumb before moving the beams in place to start the second floor. My house is an obstacle course right now. Walking under, over and around these diagonal braces is a challenge. But, if they keep the walls plumb, I'm a fan!

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