Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"The List"

As we looked at homes, we were gradually compiling a list of ideas we noticed that would be nice to include in a future house if we ever decided to build. "The list" had become quiet lengthy through the years. When it was time to hand it to an architect, I knew I could NEVER give such a list to anyone.

We marked off things that wouldn't have worked in the house, combined items, and chose the most important wishes to include in the initial list we would share at our first meeting with Frank Bonner.

One item was an elliptical fanlight transom over the front door(s).  This was drawn into the original proof copy of the plans we were given. We never "tweaked" Frank's original version, but did continue to look at ideas for this transom, took photos of homes, and kept a file of these different ideas.

Now it's time to make a decision about the transom so it can be built and installed. During the past months as we've searched for windows, we've seen 1,000s of variations, some historic and some modern. Eliminating the "modern" was an easy task.

My Houzz ideabooks are constantly changing, but I ended up with three windows I liked best. Lauren pointed out one of the windows, which caused me to give it more serious consideration.  Last night as we were trying to figure out exactly how we wanted this window to look, my husband remembered a photo we had taken last year at Boone Hall plantation house.

I loved this window and can not believe I had forgotten about it. After seeing the photo, I remembered the trouble my husband went to in order to get this shot. A man and children had set up camp on the front porch, waiting on wife/mother to finish her tour. Finally they left in time for us to get the shot before our scheduled tour guide stepped out the door and the porch once again filled up with people.

We have tossed the idea around of opening up the bottom of the window and not letting the "spokes" extend to the center. This Charleston window on the left is simple, but charming.

Now we make a decision and send it to BMC to duplicate.

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