Friday, March 28, 2014


As I start to pack boxes this spring, I find myself reliving memories of the 26 years we have spent in our current home. Our children don't remember any other homes because our son was three-years-old when we moved here. Our daughter was born when we were already living in this house.

The Legos, the dolls, rolling balls down the upstairs hallway, riding bicycles around the island in the cul-de-sac, red wagons, football, the basketball goal, books, more books, a child-sized table and chairs, the child-sized kitchen, a Cozy Coupe, and so much more. This was a wonderful house and a great street for our children to live while growing up.

Most of the childhood toys have been passed on to others, leaving mostly memories and photos behind. The wagons, Legos, and Susie Mary were saved for future grandchildren.

Although we didn't purchase many of them, my son was fascinated by matryoshka toys when he was a young boy. Last summer before my daughter and I left for a trip to Alaska, we found out the first grandchild was on the way.

Knowing a baby was coming, I had to wonder if this child would enjoy Matryoshka toys as much as his/her dad had. I found two lighthouse matryoshkas in a gift shop in Sitka, AL and realized they would be fun for Grandpa and grandchild to enjoy together. I bought the lighthouses for my husband to keep in his study, knowing he could enjoy them with a precious grandchild some day.   Our granddaughter was born on Valentine's Day this year. She's too tiny now to play with the lighthouses. They'll be packed away safely so they can be placed in our new home, waiting for her to grow up enough to explore these toys with her grandfather, and probably with her dad as well.

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