Saturday, March 22, 2014

With gratitude............

On February 26, I wrote two parts of "Credit Where Credit is Due."   The people mentioned are playing a huge part in pulling our house together. Simultaneously there are others who are working hard as well, and without them our lot would still be vacant. I don't know all of their names, but I know their faces. They have stood in the middle of Rebar in knee high rubber boots while guiding wet concrete, walked beams like a tightrope walker, and leveled large amounts of dirt. These men amaze me as they work together like a well-tuned machine.  Each one has a part to play in this task, and they know their part well. They work hard and take their jobs seriously.

I stood on the sidewalk the other day, simply watching the framers. There was music playing in the background as they nailed board after board in place. The melody caused me to consider the hard work required of a band or orchestra in order to share their music with others.

The part that these subcontractors play is not unlike a musical group. These men have to know their parts and perform those parts well if the result is to be top notch. This realization brought a deeper appreciation in my mind for everyone who is having a part in this house.

I have met some great people as we work to put the design together. Each has played an important part in the design and/or construction, and they constantly amaze me with their expertise and talents.

There are also some close friends and family that have shared valuable ideas throughout the planning process. My sister has shared Houzz Ideabooks with me so we can dream together. When this all started, my daughter and daughter-in-law always answered my "what do you think?" questions with thoughtful answers. Some close friends spent time looking at the kitchen plans to see if they were workable. The gentleman is an executive chef with an incredible wealth of knowledge. I thank them for sharing their expertise.

A neighbor and good friend gave us a wonderful gift when she took time (on a cold day) to look at paint and color samples. We took samples to a vacant home that was bricked with the same brick we are using. I am thankful for her help. 

None of us live as an island, but as part of the many people in our lives. It is important to be grateful for others who take the time to make a difference and to help us along the way. For these friends, workers and others, I am grateful!

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