Thursday, April 24, 2014

Christmas candles

I love the bright lights of Christmas, and have always admired candles in windows of homes. To have candles in attic dormers is so charming, in my opinion. When realizing we would have dormers, I immediately set out to plan for candles each December. The dormers will have outlets, a 'shelf' for the candle, and a switch in a downstairs closet to control all these candles. If we install a timer for the switch it will automatically turn the candles on and off each evening. All was well...............until the house was built and I saw the dormer location from inside the attic.

I then realized there needs to be a way to reach these windows. 

The fun begins.......

Since the four front dormers are actually over the front porch, the builder devised a way to reach them.

There is a path that leads from the attic floor and climbs two sets of steps
to a cat-walk above the 14 foot high porch ceiling. 

Once standing on the landing at the top of the second set of steps,
we have one more step to reach the "cat-walk" that allows us access to the dormer windows.
But once you take that one step up, you suddenly realize how high up you really are.

The porch ceiling has not been installed yet. That allows us to look down on our
dirt front yard, and the construction dumpster. What a view. ;-)

To reach the other three front dormers, we have to stoop down to walk under the
angled eaves, which is a journey I haven't taken yet. 

But the view when looking OUT the dormer is much
better than looking straight down from this perch that is
high above the front porch. 

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