Sunday, April 6, 2014


ound this art masterpiece today. It was resting on a board, atop a pipe in the kitchen. Someone certainly has patience to have picked up all these random nails and spikes, carefully placing them around an apple. Fun find!
The second find wasn't as much "fun," yet was more exciting for us. The boxes that hold our porch columns have arrived when we weren't looking. It's always a treat to discover something new when walking around the construction site.  Lack of patience will have me driving by the house more this week because I don't want to miss knowing when these are installed.

Meanwhile we are trying to find the "perfect" master tub. We had one picked out, but I can't quite convince myself it is the best choice. It would be a wonderful tub, but the design limits the location of the faucets. Since we were diligent when designing the house to make sure the plumbing was in a wall that could be easily accessed in case of a problem in the future, we need to find a tub with a drain at one end. If we go with the tub we both really like, we will have plumbing fixtures in a location that will not be easy to access.

Guess it's time to keep looking to see what else is available. I'm not sure I have the patience I need to figure this one out. After all, the vendor gave me 11,411 choices to choose from. YIKES!  But like Lauren tells me, "Not all of these are viable options. Narrow it down to the ones that are actual possibilities. That makes the choice less overwhelming."

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