Thursday, April 24, 2014

Portholes - a nautical element

The photographer (me) doesn't
seem to be able to take a
straight picture. UGH!
1485 was the year the porthole was "officially" invented or developed. Like many inventions, it was the solution to a problem.

Gun ports in forts, working and non-working portholes in ships, as well as round windows in buildings can all be referred to by the common term "Porthole." I have noticed several round windows/portholes in houses in our hometown, always thinking they added charm to the space.

After my husband visited the house late yesterday and shared that our "porthole" had been installed, I took a trip back to see it by flashlight.

This powder room window is "high" on the wall by design. The goal was for an average height man to be able to stand in front of the toilet without people in the back yard being able to see his head. Yet the window will provide light and a nautical element to the small space.

As we work on other subtle nautical elements in random places throughout the house, we have focused some attention to this powder room. We will use gold tone faucets like passengers might possibly find in a public restroom of a cruise ship. These touches will allow guests to remember the water, even if they don't have a view of the water from this space. (And THAT can be a good thing since the space is a bathroom.)

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