Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shall we tweak?

The house seems to be moving fast and furious these days, with little time to stop and be creative with this blog. I imagine the last several posts have been completely boring, and I apologize. Today I am sharing a creative idea that keeps drawing me back.

Although our home will be one story, there will be the option for a second floor in the future. There will be easy access to this second floor because the stairs are located off the mudroom, which is near the kitchen. While the name "mud room" conjures up images of children bringing muddy shoes into the house, I realize it will be the most used entrance for our family. So, let's make it pleasant instead of relegating it to a catch-all area.

As it is planned right now, the room will be home to a double locker for hanging jackets, as well as a bench for putting on shoes at the last minute. There will be storage bins and cubbies for baseball hats, winter gloves, and garden shoes. And there will be the stair case leading to the second floor.

Because the house is on a lake lot, we are adding nautical touches in bits and pieces. We do not want to turn the house into a "cute" version of a beach house since it is not a beach style home. Instead, our home will make the periodic 'nod' to to its nautical influence. My husband has a small collection of sail boat models and lighthouses which will be displayed in our home. Our powder room will have a porthole-inspired window which provides light, yet allows privacy from the outside.

Going back to the creative idea that keeps drawing me back; I find myself about 85% in love with a newel post idea I discovered recently. The beauty of the unusual is the main draw with this idea, as well as my husband's love for lighthouses.  Yet I think the light atop the newel post would look out of place with our home. Is it possible to tweak this idea? As I read the blog of South Shore Millwork  in Norton, MA, I found a photo of the newel post before the light was added, which might be workable, although I would probably believe that part of this lighthouse was always missing.

Time for more research it seems:

Maybe this is more like what I am looking for; a 'nod' to lighthouses without being an actual model. Time to do more research.................

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