Monday, April 28, 2014


What do you do when part of a cabinet needs tweaking, but there is a strange angle that creates an uneven balance? Answer: You check with the designer and builder, who come up with the perfect solution.

For some strange reason this dilemma reminded me of a problem that a downtown Seattle neighborhood found themselves in the midst of. My cabinet question has absolutely nothing to do with the situation in Seattle, nor is it the same magnitude. Yet both were problems that required creativity.

The tale is told of a neighborhood being overrun with homeless residents. It became an unsafe few blocks with litter, filth  and crime. There were no restaurants tucked in these old buildings, no quaint gift shops or no historically significant tourist sites. How could the problem be addressed?

There is always the possibility of contract police presence, security patrol, or neighborhood watch. OR, there is an opportunity to use creativity. I tip my hat to these residents. Taking advantage of the nearby tourist area, they added a tourist site to the neighborhood. Sure enough, the homeless moved on when tourists started walking the area to see the laundry art.

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