Saturday, April 12, 2014

The famous Boone Hall

On March 5 and 19, my posts included references to South Carolina's Boone Hall. It was only last year that my husband and I discovered this beautiful plantation.

A taxi had dropped us at our hotel in the historic section of Charleston, S.C. We walked and rode carriages the entire time there, except for the day we went to Boone Hall. Discovering it was easier and less expensive to take a taxi than to rent a car for the day, we headed out of the city.

I am not sure if is was a misadventure or adventure when we arrived at the front gates. We told the driver we would walk from the gates. After going past the front lawn and garden area just behind the gates, we were face to face with a never-ending dirt road, compacted dirt, but still dirt.

So we started walking, walked a bit more, and continued walking. No wonder the gatekeeper told us it was a hike up the road. ;-)  Actually, we were told it was over a mile to the house, but we just thought it would be fun walk, which it actually was.

The last part of our visit was a tour on an open-air coach, which boarded near the home. As we drove around the plantation, taking in the beautiful working farm, we realized we were almost through with the tour and near the front gates of the plantation.

It did not take much thought to decide we wanted to get off the coach closer to the front gates and avoid the one-mile walk in the opposite direction. While our earlier stroll had actually been pleasant, we were hot and tired by this time, without an abundance of bottled water to carry with us.

When the taxi arrived to take us back to Charleston, we were ready to get the dust washed off.

Boone Plantation has several reviews on different sites, many talking about the different sites and the ticket prices. We did love our visit. However, I can agree the house tour is disappointing since you do not get to see much of it. Although the plantation has a rich history, the house is fairly new since the original houses are gone. I was glad I saw the driveway where Forest Gump ran, but doubt I would make a return visit.

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