Friday, April 4, 2014

Toilet handles?

Someone knock me out and wake me up when this house is built. I hate making decisions regarding things I don't know anything about.

Is the quality of this stove better than that one? What about the faucet on that side of the store display?  Will it be better quality than the one I just looked at in the front of the store?

Why am I constantly second guessing myself?

Putting all the details together is fun, but agony at the same time. I need sleep, yet I am wide awake at 12:50 am while looking at sinks, faucets, and refrigerators; wondering if the choices I make are what I want to live with. "Pretty" only goes so far! Functional and practicality are considerations as well.  Will this finish be difficult to keep clean? Will it show every water spot? How will it look with the other items in this room? 

I fell in love with a beautiful, hammered copper sink until I found out it should be towel dried every time water hits the sink. First of all; I'm not that neat. Second of all; I'm not that disciplined. Thirdly; I can't see anyone in my family wanting to do that either. So that sink was marked off my wish list.

Then I found an even more stunning sink. Although it's copper, it is nickel-plated. I was in love! (UNTIL, I found out that a single chip will allow the copper to show, which will darken with age unless it is towel dried. But I had already marked it off because of the price. A sink is just not worth that much to me. I could spend that money on things that mean more to me.) 

I just wish I was as "settled" on the other choices as I am with the sinks and toilets. However, I AM agonizing about the toilet handles. Which ones should I use? Should the entire house have the same toilet handles?

My "Current Projects" binder is getting fatter each day. I'll be glad when I can move some of these papers to the "Final Selections" binder and put them behind me.  Maybe a good night's sleep will help my brain work better in the morning. I hope so!

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