Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's in a name?

If you read Molly Glentzer's article in Sunday, March 30, Houston Chronicle Escape section, you possibly discovered this interesting piece of trivia:

"Customarily, a historic home keeps the name of the last generation that lived there until the next one has passed on." *

Does our home need its own name? I admit it would be fun. It is not historic, only designed after historic style homes. Yet, some day, if it stands long enough, it will be historic. All of our homes will. Our good friends named their weekend ranch that turned into their retirement home. But naming a ranch and naming a home in a neighborhood are two different things.

One reason I think it would be fun for our house to have a name is because there are many people who like to take photos in St. Peter's Gate and East Shore neighborhoods. High school seniors show up for graduation photos, couples arrive with their entourage for engagement and wedding photos, families take photos in front of empty homes. Who knows?  Maybe our house will be the background of someones engagement photo.

While eating dinner at Schilleci's New Orleans Kitchen over the weekend, my husband mentioned the subject. Nothing official, just a fun name that we can use when refering to the house. Maybe a take on South Carolina's Boone Hall? We'll see...

*Quote from www.chron.com article A historic Brenham house lives on, beautifully by Molly Glentzer.

Meanwhile, in case you are interested in some trivia about Boone Hall:

  • In the movie "Forest Gump" people were yelling, "Run, Forest, Run!" as Forest was running on a dirt road surrounded on each side with huge oak trees draped with Spanish moss. That was filmed at the entrance road to Boone Hall Plantation.
  • In the movie, "The Notebook" Allie's family's summer home was Boone Hall.
  • NBC's soap opera, "Days of Our Lives" has filmed there
  • ABC's mini-series "North and South." Boone Hall was Mont Royal
  • "Queen" has some shots of Boone Hall
  • (More interesting movie trivia at Hooked On Houses)

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