Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joggling Boards

Many of the homes we visited in Charleston had a piece of outdoor furniture known as a Joggling Board. The tales we were told, the traditions surrounding these boards, and the unique aspects made for an interesting lesson in Charleston history.

Whether the legend is true or not, it does provide an intriguing story.

The Joggle Factory version of the legend

Charleston Place's similar story

Yet, the tour volunteers shared another version without mentioning Acton Plantation. According to multiple Charleston residents, these joggling boards were used by fathers for keeping their unmarried daughters and suitors apart. The young couples were allowed to sit at opposite ends of the bench, but as they "joggled" they would often meet in the middle when Dad or an appropriate chaperon wasn't watching carefully.

It was thought that every home with daughters needed a joggling board, and their presence in a majority of yards and porches attest to the importance of tradition and history to Charleston residents.

Today's joggling boards might even be at home by the pool as the one in the Houzz photo is:

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