Monday, May 12, 2014

More exciting photos?

The "boring photos" from the previous post were part of a joke, even though they are actual photos. I just uploaded them to "entertain" a friend who wanted photos. She knows there is nothing worth photographing right now, so please forgive the insanity of the moment.

Visual Comfort chandelier
As I was describing my future home to a Ferguson's employee last week, she shared that she spent a few years in Williamsburg and understood how historic homes have a different feel than contemporary homes. We shared stories, and she pointed me to a lighting collection she thought I would like to see.
I literally "fell in love" with the chandelier pictured on the left the first time my eyes saw it. Of course, that does not mean it will hang in my home. The jury is still out, but this light is so beautiful in my opinion.
One of the strangest, unique, yet charming features is the glass globe finial at the bottom. When looking through the glass, you see what is on the opposite side, but upside down. Wouldn't that be a fun conversation starter in a home?
At this point, I am not familiar with many lighting brands, and Visual Comfort is new to me. I do want to research them more, but enjoyed looking through the 592 page  copy of their  2011 catalog.

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