Saturday, May 31, 2014

Naked windows

Not believing there was a way to place Christmas candles in the dormers at the back of our attic, I was rather shocked with the project manager, Tom Stanton, showed me this week. I was so surprised I didn't even remember to thank him, which is embarrassing. I did write him a note later that day, but still...................what a dope for neglecting to say a simple "thank you!"

It is so exciting that we get to place candles in every dormer!!! As I was looking at photos of Christmas candles in windows, I discovered a great tutorial on someone's blog. The blogger for Between Naps On The Porch has a great post titled Hang Wreaths on Exterior Windows.  Now my windows will look naked without wreaths. Oh, no!  Do I want to leave them naked?

Update: Check the posts from Christmas 2016.

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