Thursday, May 22, 2014

Organizational help needed

"I don't have a tape measure with me". "Oh, I have one in the car", I reply.

"I'll have to check the floorplans when I get back to the office." "Let me get my set (out of the car)", I respond.

"I really think this is level. I don't see anything wrong with it."  "If you can wait one second, I have a level (in my car)", I offer.

On and on this type of conversation goes when I'm at the construction site.

I carry tote bags that stay packed. I can use them at home and have them available when I'm at our new house. But the binders that once fit into the tote bags are making them too heavy to haul around on my shoulders now. One of the items Susan Lang strongly suggested homeowners use is a piece of rolling luggage.

I've watched resale shops and off-price shops for over a year, determined not to pay more than $50 for this product since it will probably be abused. After a year I had given up and simply carried the binders in my arms, and everything else was in two different tote bags. Depending on what I was doing determined the contents of the tote bags on each given day. Constantly repacking and looking for where specific items were was rather frustrating and time consuming.

During a quick trip into Marshalls I discovered rolling tote bags. They're light weight, large enough to hold a great deal of things, and have plenty of zippers and pockets. If it works, I'm extremely appreciative.  I packed the bag this morning before cutting off the tags.......just in case things didn't fit. All is well, and I'm hoping this solves my organizational problems since I will now be able to grab the bag and go! 

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