Friday, May 30, 2014

Poster board to the rescue

Being able to visualize is a talent some people have and other don't. But even when a person can visualize how an item will look in another setting, they sometimes discover it doesn't work after all. Even designers have been known to make mistakes from time to time.

I didn't want to buy a porch light and find I didn't like the size and shape after it is hanging on the wall. Sure, there's eBay where I could sell a gently used light fixture.....maybe......then hope my second attempt is more lucky. Today I decided I really don't care what the neighbors might think. I got my husband to hammer life-size templates of two different porch lights we are considering.

So, now we can keep looking at the two lights when we're at the house and hopefully be able to make a more informed decision. Not sure I've ever seen anyone do this, but if it helps me, then I'm okay with it.

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