Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stacked high

Although I never intended to collect coffee table type books, I seem to have more than my share right now. There are a few about the Holy Land, which are probably my very favorites to sit and enjoy when there is time to spend with one of the books in my collection.

Somehow I have amassed a stack of books that showcase historic southern homes and plantations, adding yet another book to that collection just last night.  Coming Home, the Southern Vernacular House is written by James Lowell Strickland and partners of Historical Concepts, with Susan Sully. If you are looking for a book to study southern architecture, this is not going to be worth your money. Frustrated because the book was wrapped and it wasn't possible to see inside, I took a gamble only because I had looked at the description of the book beforehand.

There are tons of interior design ideas, not unlike Southern Living or Traditional Home magazines on steroids. It was interesting to discover that some of the homes I had bookmarked are actually products of this firm. (below) It proved to be a good resource to add to my collection of design ideas.

Southern Living August 2010

This Old House Winter 2009

Old-House Journal's New Old House Spring 2006 (which graces the book cover)

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