Friday, May 23, 2014

The hanging of the front doors

After being anxious to see what it looked like when hung, I just kept staring at the transom in amazement when it turned out better than I expected.

Now my mind keeps questioning:
Do we paint this with the trim colors or should we stain it to match the stain on the doors?

What about stain outside and paint inside? The details make the difference, but what will look best?  I DON'T KNOW!!!  yikes......
If this was white, I would not have this problem. But since it's wood, I don't want to mess it up. I love beautiful wood pieces. Would painting mess it up or make it better?
White would make it "pop" out but that is not an issue to me. If I plan to stare at this as much as I am now, which finish will be more enjoyable? 
We might even stain both sides since there will probably be stained wood at the other end of the entry.  
I'm putting way too much thought into this one small detail. ;-)

(NOTE: We stained both inside and outside of the transom, along with the doors. I could not let paint cover the beauty of the wood in this piece. The next owner can paint it if they want.)

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