Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Walk-thru # UNO

The builder and project manager have multiple houses in different stages of completion to keep up with. Our designer has multiple things going on, although she has our house plans as memorized as anyone. Then there are my husband and I who know the plans well and ultimately will live in this house so we need to make sure it is coming together and fits how we live.

We were supposed to be able to walk through the house and make sure the electrical boxes were all in the correct places, but the electricians had to spend some time on another job last week, so our house wasn't ready for an official walk-thru. However, since we were both available Saturday morning, it was a good time to get the walk-thru started. Armed with tape measure, architectural ruler, pens, markers, post-it notes, and plans, we started walking though the house, room by room. We marked every item on the plans that we saw in the house. The items that were missing were noted in our spiral.

We discovered two areas where we should ask the builder to help solve the locations of switches. Just because something "fits" on plans doesn't mean it will actually "fit" in reality. Sure, there is space, but the plan failed to acknowledge that the switch would fall in the middle of door molding. This too shall be solved!

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