Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where do I want that?

My brain is being taxed while I try to project myself into the future and figure out where I want every outlet and switch in the house.

  • When I walk into this room, which side of the door will I automatically reach for?
  • What might I want to plug in, on this wall?
  • How tall will the wainscoting be?
  • Do I want switches on the wainscoting or above?  THAT one decision determines the color of the switch.
  • Do I want to be extravagant and buy Liviton switches? (I'm convinced that could add 10's of thousands to the cost of this project.)  Do I "need" them?  NO!  Do I want them? Let's put it like this. I didn't care until I found out such a thing exists. I was totally fine with regular switches. Maybe that's my answer.
  • Maybe I need to look at other companies that sell decorative switches and covers
    Kyle Switch Plates 
    Arnev Products, Inc.
  • OR, do I want to buy metal switch plates and paint them to match the wall colors?
    I love this idea, but when would there be time?  (Directions for painting switches)  If I had all the time in the world, THIS would be my pick.
  • Then another issue is to be factored in. If we use any home automation, those switches will be different. Now complicated does this have to be?
Back to the reality of the present moment: Yesterday, I grabbed a spiral notebook and started walking through the house with a set of electrical plans, making notes about everything that needed attention. It was hot and I was tired after working on another project for 9 hours, so I gave up quickly. Today I'm headed back to try to finish making notes about outlets and switches. This does not sound like the most fun project ever. ;-)

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