Monday, May 12, 2014

World's most boring photos

 A friend mentioned she would like to see photos of our house, and we laughed when I shared the photos on my phone. There isn't much to share right now since I spend a great deal of time looking at what my daughter and a neighbor jokingly call "sticks". 

These photos were taken in the space that will hold the future kitchen. The tape measure (left) shows the width of the refrigerator. The photo above shows the location of the gas line to the range, while the third photo shows the space for the built in oven, plus the pantry door.

Yet we continue to go back and are excited when we see progress being made every week. Most of the work is not exciting, but essential. Right now we see lots of red and blue pipes running through the walls for water to the sinks. What once was a spacious attic has become a maze of air conditioning ducts. The route to the attic dormers just became a bit more precarous when a large vent was placed in the pathway to the steps leading to the dormers.  
Although this duct doesn't block our path, we have to do the limbo to get under it. Such fun! There are times I wonder WHY these Christmas candles are so important to me. Should we paint the windows black and just forget them? I don't think so! I would always be frustrated that I had dormers and couldn't use candles. The little things in life that we worry so much about cause me to wonder if that is what I am like spiritually.
Do I "major on minors" about theological beliefs when the issue is the gospel message of Christ? Do I allow "little things" to become more important to my belief system than they are to our heavenly Father? Our Father sees the BIG picture. He knows the end of the story! 

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