Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Counter stool in the bathroom?

There is a trend in our area to build a bathroom storage cabinet that sits on top of the counter. These are extremely handy, can really be pretty, and actually add dimension to an otherwise average bathroom. The original plans for our master bath showed these counter-top storage cabinets, which I do think are beautiful and they certainly provide much needed storage space.

Yet the ackward arrangment of the cabinets on my bathroom vanity bothered me, so we sat about to find a solution. Lauren and I decided we needed to rearrange the configuration of the counter and build a more practical cabinet from floor to ceiling.

After these storage "towers" (as I called them) are out of the cabinet drawings, another problem presented itself. There is a make-up table as part of my vanity. Since we want taller bathroom counters, a dropped make-up vanity looked out of place in the design. We debated different options, until we realized that kitchen cabinets of this same height can easily be used by people sitting on counter-height stools.

Borrowed Photo
The make-up space was raised to the same level as the rest of the counter, so now I keep my eyes open for a counter stool that will fit into the decor of the bathroom.

The stool that I now use has special memories to me. My mother had given me one of her sewing machines which has since been replaced. I kept the stool because it reminded me of the beautiful work my mother could do with a sewing machine and few yards of fabric.

My mother's stool only needs a new coat of paint and a new fabric seat cover so it can once again be used as a sewing stool. Maybe a touch of Annie Sloan?

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