Monday, June 16, 2014

Efficient storage

When a scarf collection outgrows the drawer it has lived in, what is a person to do?

I've always liked scarves and had several before they became a trend, but now find that I have way too many, both summer and winter scarves. Yet I continue to bring them home when I find one that I can't "live without."  It is not as bad as I make it sound, but I do have more scarves than one drawer will hold.

When scarves are folded and placed in drawers, they tend to crease, which isn't fun. Hanging them takes more room than I have in my closet. My daughter has a great over-the-door towel rack inside her closet door that works well for her. In fact, it's been shared a few times on Pinterest.

I simply don't have the ability to use a rack like this, and couldn't find the perfect solution until I was in Coldwater Creek one day a couple years ago and discovered their "tree-like" scarf displays.

Deciding to find such a tree of my own, I searched several places but was never successful. Last year while I was touring homes in Charleston, I actually saw these in three different houses we visited. Two held scarves, and one held hats.

After discovering Coldwater Creek will be no more, I was able to buy one from one of their stores. Now it is ready to hold my scarfs in style. Can't wait to sit it in my new closet and be able to find scarves easily.

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