Friday, June 27, 2014

The "good 'ole days"

I remember sitting on the porch of my aunt and uncle's home, eating homemade ice cream and visiting with family. There are memories of playing in my grandparents' yard with cousins, then running over to grab a piece of fresh watermelon from the garden.

These days I find myself sitting at the computer and "talking" to friends on Facebook or through text messages. I read books on a Kindle, and send photos to my daughter and daughter-in-law periodically while shopping to see if something I find might be useful to them.

Technology can be a blessing (sharing photos while shopping), but it can also take the human interaction out of our lives. Sometimes it's easier to send a quick text than pick up the phone and talk. I wonder if we've raised a generation of people who don't even know how to communicate in person. How frightening that thought can be.

A friend and I were talking about sitting on the front porch of my new home. It would be nice to sit there while talking away the evening, drinking sweet tea and relaxing with an actual person. Carrying my tablet outside and "chatting" online just wouldn't be the same. I think it would be nice to bring back some parts of the "good 'ole days." 

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