Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The search is on

Blue and white Canton-ware was an integral part of the decor of almost every home we visited in Charleston. Since this porcelain seems to be a significant part of the city's history, shoppers can find beautiful pieces around the city, as well as at the Charleston Historical Foundation shop.

Having never heard the term "Canton-ware" before our visit, it was time to do some research, only to find that it had already been done and was waiting for me to read. While I have a modest collection of blue and white ware, it is not the Canton-ware of historical significance.  I don't want this collection to become overwhelming, but to be a tasteful part of my decor.

As I searched for ideas how to incorporate dishes, I discovered Mottahedeh who specializes in "ceramic antique reproductions and historic designs".  I love the Maritime Museum commissioned pieces, but really have no space to display them. Now I'm off to search for large pitchers, platters, plates, or something significant to display in twin dining room cabinets.

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