Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What are the odds???

For my mathematically inclined friends, here's my question:

When buying this house, we had a buyer's real estate agent (Person 1) and a seller's agent. (Person 2)
There was the seller (the builder - Person 3) and the buyers (my husband - Person 4, and I-Person 5).
At the closing table, we had an escrow officer (Person 6).
That is a total of six (6) people.

Among those six people:
One name was shared by two of them (Persons 2 & 3), with different spellings.
Two other people shared another name (Person 5 & 6), again with different spellings.
Two of the people shared a birthday (Persons 2 & 5).
Person 3's birthday is the same day as the anniversary of Persons 4 & 5.
And in case you didn't notice, Person 5 (me) shared a name, a birthday and the date of my anniversary with another individual among the six of us.

I really do wonder what the odds are.
NOTE: July 5, 2014 
This is getting even more "strange" because one of the salesmen we are working with has a birthday 1 day before mine, and his anniversary is 1 day after ours. They have been married 20 years less than we have been married.

I need a math genius to work on the odds of this for me. ;-)

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