Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WHAT is that blue?

I do hope Kay found the perfect traditional blue that she was looking for. I too, find myself looking through blues, holding them in different lights, and wondering which one I will eventually settle on.

Yesterday as I was visiting with someone to learn about Annie Sloan paint, I realized the knowledge I had about Annie's chalk paint could have fit on the point of a needle. Shabby chic came to mind, as did a painted French style furniture.  But, Annie Sloan devotees will paint anything they see. If you Google Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (images) you find modern style, Spanish furnishings, as well as Early American and more.

One person even painted a piano, which in my opinion is a huge no-no because of the damage it would do to the wood that was chosen for the sound of that particular instrument!'s not my piano, so I'm not going to worry.

When I walked away from the Annie Sloan store with a paint card, I realized I probably now have enough knowledge to fit on the point of a ball point pen. At least I did learn something which peaked my interest in getting paint-splattered and trying something new.

When the time comes to choose paint for our home, I see myself with sample paints, a brush and foam core boards so I can create large paint samples to test colors in the light of the house. After all, I have already put templates of porch light shapes on the front porch. I wish I could email Kay and ask if she ever found her perfect blue, which I really hope she did.

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