Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fast moving freight train

There are so many decisions to be made and so much progress in a relatively short period of time that I sometimes find myself feeling like I'm on a fast moving freight train and I dare not stop the forward movement. The house seems to be barreling down a track to it's final destination, and I need to hang on for dear life.

(Pardon the ages-old expressions that appear from time to time.)

The plumbing and wiring are roughed in, and the sheetrock is hung. We can actually walk through the house and clearly see walls in rooms, which makes it more like a house. Until now, we saw through framework into other rooms, making the house seem much larger than it actually is. With sheetrock hung, we can better realize the size of each individual space.

Brick has been delivered and the masons will be laying the brick in a matter of days. As we put finishing touches on cabinet and closet designs, I finally feel like our home is coming together. Yet, we dare not stop because the "to do list" is never ending.

I will try to update this blog while holding on to my fast moving train. The posts might be limited, but at least I can try.    

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