Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lessons, lessons and more lessons

Working on this house has been an education by itself since we have learned things we never knew we would care about.

One example:
The brick on these two houses are the same brick, although the individual bricks are different sizes.

When we were choosing brick, we learned that the brick in the second photo has been left like it looked after being fired in a kiln. The brick in the top photo has been cleaned with an acid wash. We decided we like the "clean" look more since it was that look that originally caught our attention.

Today's lesson learned:

While visiting Charleston, SC, I was intrigued by the beaded mortar joints in so many historical buildings and wanted to use the same mortar joints on our home. The photo is from a historic building next door to the Charleston post office. After research and finding these beaded mortar joints are water proof like the joints commonly used in houses I've lived in, I was "in love". 

Now I learn that I can't obtain "clean" and "beaded mortar". When the tool to create beaded mortar is used, it spreads the mortar onto the bricks. When that excess mortar is cleaned off the bricks, it removes the bead.
Wish denied. I chose using a plain mortar style so we can have clean bricks. Oh well! At least I have learned something new.

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