Friday, September 5, 2014

A winning combination

Earlier this week, a friend mentioned she hasn't looked at this blog for awhile. I was surprised, not because she hasn't looked at it, but because I haven't looked at it either. Oh, dear!

The summer was spent getting the cabinet designs together. In the back of my mind there was always a realization that a blog was here, but there never seemed to be time to post. Instead, Lauren and I spent time analyzing spaces, sometimes drawing and redrawing. I actually told her I have discovered that I can second-guess and redraw forever, but there has to be a place where "enough is enough" and it's time to stop. We agreed we had a good plan and were ready to share those plans.

I met with the builder, project manager, and trim carpenter last week. In my hand were binders that contained drawings for each room that was to have any cabinets, mantels, or special trim work.
This is the third or fourth mantel design that we have actually drawn into the living room plan. There were many more ideas that were considered as my husband and I explored multiple books that contain photos from historic homes. Additionally, Lauren and I searched Houzz for other photos. And there were ideas one of us drew ourselves. Yet, this quest has been like many others in this process.

I had considered searching for an actual antique mantel, yet the size constraints of the space would have made the search not unlike the proverbial needle in a haystack. There was no time to worry about embarking on such a quest.

While we've tried to open our eyes and minds to multiple ideas, we also remember the goal is to create a house that is reminiscent of a historic home. After all, it is in a neighborhood of such homes, and it does need to look like it belongs. My goal was to keep it relatively simple, but authentic. This fireplace surround is a perfect fit to help us realize that goal. It is a classic design; simple, yet historic which seemed like a winning combination. 

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