Friday, September 12, 2014

Timeless cabinet feet

Walking barefoot or wearing shoes?

I wouldn't wear heels at the beach, but wouldn't go barefoot to the symphony or to church. There is a time and place for each, I assume.

Likewise, I've discovered that some cabinets need feet while others work better with simple toe-kicks at the bottom of the cabinets. We've ordered feet for minimal areas because of the nature of the cabinets we are planning. At the same time, we want simple feet on bathroom cabinets so we designed them ourselves. Actually, I designed one and discovered the other online. I'm sure you can tell which one is which. :-) 

The secondary bathrooms will all have the foot on the left, the master bathroom will have feet like the one on the right, while we've ordered turned bun feet for a free-standing-style half bath cabinet.  For those feet we purchased, we searched restoration companies for authentic looking historic replicas. Even though the feet are new, the style we ordered is timeless.

While taking a quick tour this morning, it was such fun to find the illustrated foot (left of picture) in place in one of the bathrooms. Even though it's simple, it is such a classic look for that space. I could have been in a 100 year old house or a house being built today. Timeless design, while somewhat of a challenge, is also worth the research and effort, in my opinion.

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