Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adrenaline Rush!!!

There are some things that books about homebuilding never prepare you for, and last night was just that kind of night. I was at the grocery store yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call about a specific cabinet in the house. Since it is easier and safer to send a picture as a description, I asked if I could send a photo as soon as I got home. 

As I was unloading groceries, my husband pulled in the driveway earlier than normal, asking if I wanted to go with him to look at the house. I realized the emailed picture could wait a little longer since the cabinet door builder probably wasn't working at night. My husband grabbed a flashlight (thankfully, because we had an unplanned scavenger hunt), and we headed out.

The side door was open when we drove up, and some people were coming out of the house. They had been out walking around the neighborhood, and were harmless. They said the door was open when they walked by. 

We went inside and looked at the progess made since our last visit. We found a second door that was closed, but not locked, so we locked it as well. The sun had almost disappeared and it was dusk as we were leaving. As we walked toward the side door, we heard something upstairs. It freaked us out and we yelled, asking if someone was up there. Silence! 

We both had a "let's get out of here" moment and took off to the car where we called security, who showed up within seconds. The security guard with his spotlight shining on the house, went inside and yelled up the stairs, "Security.....come downstairs." When he got no response, he and my husband ended up going up there with a flashlight and walked all around, but found nothing. We don't know what the sound was, but it was very strange. We locked the doors and left because it was dark by this time and the men couldn't find anything. 

I've talked to the project manager who was going to look around this morning. Another house near us has had a raccoon problem and they've had to trap one of them. He told me about a second house that has a raccoon who makes a mess in the house every night, apparently thinking the staircase is his/her new favorite place to eat and use as a restroom. (shiver)
Talk about an adrenaline rush! As I was standing outside by the car, I couldn't figure out whether to keep my phone ready to call 911, or to have the video camera on to take a movie of any person or critter who might come running out of the house. What's a gal to do?   

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