Monday, October 13, 2014

Brick flooring?

The charm of brick flooring keeps calling me to the idea of using brick in my home. However, I live without shoes inside my home and can't imagine walking around on the uneven, rough texture of brick. Not only that, but the harder surface can be hard on a person's legs and backs after working for a length of time. (Thinking holiday meals here.)

While tossing the idea around, I began to search for a brick floors. The first discovery was Port-Stone, which has a variety of beautiful brick paver-like products. My favorite brick in their collection is the somewhat aged look of the St. Louis style. According to their website, "St. Louis has the look and feel of old reclaimed brick. A white mortar is applied to the surface of the bricks then some of it is removed leaving some of the mortar in place and a white-ish cast on some others just as that found on used brick."

One factor that is especially appealing is the labor saving Portstone paver sheet. Several bricks come in a pre-configured pattern on a mesh backing. Instead of having to lay each brick tile by hand, the tile setters lay several at a time with the Portstone paver sheets.

Then after seeing additional beautiful brick flooring on Houzz, I discovered Inglenook Tile Design.  The tiles in the Manor Collection are interesting to me because of the lack of roughness under foot.

Both of these products are so beautiful that I need to stop searching for additional brick flooring. The more I find, the more confused I always become. It would probably be best to adopt a motto of "show me one thing I like" and don't let me see other products since I tend to second-guess every decision.

The jury is still out about whether we will include brick flooring or not, but a gal can dream, I guess.

Additional notes:
Some people seal and finish their brick flooring with Okon for a natural look with a low gloss.

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