Friday, October 10, 2014

Choosing a designer - thumbnail

With multiple factors involved when working with a designer, it's important to choose someone that you enjoy working with and with whom you have great communication.

  • "This is how we do......"
  • "My fee is XXX per hour."  followed by
    "I make frequent, but random visits to the construction site....."
  • "Your builder will be impressed with my background."
  • "I concentrate on cabinet design" could mean "I refuse to plan closets"
  • "This slide-show/portfolio gives you a sample of my work." (every home is the same style)
  • You ask: "What experience do you have with [southern] style decor?" and hear an answer such as "We are professionals who can do any style", bringing you back to his/her portfolio/slide-show as proof. (which is still the same style for every photo)
  • "Tell me a little about the home you want"
  • "What type of help are you looking for?"
Proceed with caution. It's YOUR money, so spend wisely. You want someone who can understand the vision you have for your future home. 

Look for a designer who has the ability to bring YOUR dreams into existence, instead of a designer whose work is well-known, but who doesn't want to bother to take time to understand what YOU want.

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