Thursday, October 9, 2014

Christmas decor

Photo belongs to The Rusty Heart.
(Same lantern I have)

When a sweet young lady that we have known her entire life was to be married not long ago, she wanted lanterns on the aisle she and her dad would walk down on the way to her groom. Spoiler alert: The wedding was beautifully decorated with lanterns, not only on that center aisle, but around the church platform as well. The variety of sizes and the ambiance of the candles created an almost magical glow in that sanctuary.

Candle light is the standard method to add a perfect touch to  evening or special holiday decor. It can be romantic, charming, festive, or elegant; sometimes all of these at once.

Because the bride's mother was thinking safety, she choose battery operated candles for the aisle. After inheriting some of these lanterns, I'm anxious to include them in my Christmas decor.

The Rusty Heart looks like a perfect place to find swags to dress the lanterns up a bit.


After discovering a great promotion at Dillard's a few years ago, I became the owner of some Noritake Holly and Berry Gold Christmas dishes.  When using them, I have mixed and matched with white serving pieces. But since Noritake is having a 40% off Christmas & Holiday Items sale right now, I'm debating over whether or add a few pieces to my collection. (Pardon me while I "think" this through.)

NOT buying more pieces is a spacesaver. It allows me to create more interesting tables with a variety of dishes. It is also a huge money-saver! BUT adding to the collection could allow me to have matching soup bowls and some accent plates. What to do?!?!?

I guess I'll have to run this around in my mind today while reading contracts, coloring floor choices on a floorplan, meeting with a few people about varied issues, and doing laundry. (Laundry keeps showing up on my "to do list" for some reason.)


We planned a specific place in the house for our Christmas tree, in a room we'll "live in" at the back of the house. Do we want a second tree in a front window? I'm voting "no" at this moment. The tree, although pretty from the street, is for my family and friends to enjoy. And we won't be spending a great deal of time around the tree if it is at the front of the house. I want it placed where we'll enjoy it. But, the jury is still out until we actually see how we will live in our new home. Maybe I'll want that second tree.


Christmas is a favorite for us. We love the season, the reason for the season, and love the lights and decor. For 38 years of marriage, we have unofficially "collected" a variety of Christmas decorations. We switch off sometimes, bringing out a stuffed Santa Mother made and gave to me. There are fabric stuffed nativity scenes for each of the children when they were small. (I'm thinking one of these needs to be passed down to our sweet grandbaby.) There are rustic sleds, three-dimensional carolers, candles by the score, throw pillows, also the hand-blown ornaments my parents had when they were first married. I may be delusional, but have hopes that it will be fun to go through these boxes and figure out how to use these family heirlooms in unique ways in our new home. Why have all of these things if we don't use them?

Do I need to add to my collection?  Unless there is an incredible find that I know I can't live without, and it is on a deep clearance this year, then I don't need it. I probably already have plenty of fun treasures to decorate a home. While my decorations are certainly not elaborate, many of them bring back memories and family stories.  There are the tiny wooden toy replicas that I had on a small tree when my children were little. I haven't opened that box in years, but now I can picture wiring these toys to a pretty wreath for our grandbaby to enjoy when she's at our house. That, to me, is what an old southern home might have been like. It promises to be fun!

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