Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pesky little details

Magnatrons and televisions

When reading microwave manuals, I kept reading a version of this same information:
Do not place microwave near a television receiver in order to prevent interference with the television signal.
After realizing there might be a problem since our game room will have a small microwave on the other side of the wall from a television receiver, I spoke to people who would know more than I would about this.

In order to shield the TV receiver from the magnetrons, there is now a piece of sheet metal that is sandwiched between the microwave cabinet and the wall. This hidden piece of metal will hopefully keep static off the screen when someone walks into the next room to heat up coffee, tea, cocoa or even to make popcorn.

This is one of those little details that would have been impossible to see when planning the house. The only person who might have noticed it would have been someone who had previously built a house that had this exact combination of microwave and TV in close vicinity and who had actually had a problem with interference. But such a small detail can easily get overlooked when searching plans for items of concern.

I think it's an instance of "better safe than sorry."

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