Thursday, October 2, 2014

Progress report time

Students have already received progress reports and some will soon receive their first six-week report card. If this writer was one of these students, she could look forward to a big fat F for having done very little writing during these past six-weeks.  Guess it's time for some last minute extra-credit to see if I can save my "grade" for this reporting period. (It's obvious that I am part of a family with teachers.)

Anxious to see the progress when we returned home Sunday afternoon after a nine-day trip, we discovered the chimneys have been bricked and the chimney caps have been installed.

Meanwhile, the trim carpenters are diligently working on cabinets and all things "trim" in the house. I like the door trim that we are using, after having discovered a similiar trim in another home by our builder. We have four arched doorways to consider, and those will complement the trim in nearby rooms.

The 6-panel doors are hung, with one exception. There seems to be a door that forget to leave the warehouse, or it decided to talk a walk after arriving at our house. But nothing to worry about.

The back of our house faces west, and the setting sun can be brutal through the windows across the back of the house. We are ordering shades to drop in front of these back windows as the sun sets. One of this week's projects has been choosing fabric samples so we can determine what we want the shades to look like. And these shades need to work with our paint, which we still have to finalize. There will be floors to consider, furniture colors, etc. Sometimes I catch myself wishing everything was independent of each other and that one decision didn't affect one hundred fifteen other things as well. But, to pull it all together, the entire space has to be considered, and that is my current mission.

As soon as the window frames are in, we can get window treatments ordered for the front and sides of the house as well. More decisions! YIPEE!!!  It will be exciting to move in with window treatments already installed. (At least I hope they will be installed before move-in.) Our other homes had sheets hanging until drapes were made and delivered. Having it done before move-in will be a treat.

We're still searching for the perfect newel post. We won't have a grand stairway in the front of the house. Our stairway is enclosed and is tucked out of the way near a side door. There are only three open steps at the bottom and these need a hand rail, a newel post and balusters. The Fat Washington by Kim Vedros, wood-turner, is our current favorite. I'm hoping it works out so we can find one similar that is not so bulky.  The profile does resemble a lighthouse without being too "cutesy", which we want to avoid.

We noticed a great deal of beautiful lanterns in Charleston, SC while visiting that charming old city. On a later visit to New Orleans we discovered a store that I have seen advertised many times in Traditional Homes and Southern Living type magazines. Bevolo is the oldest manufacturer of lanterns in the USA, second oldest in the world. Their lanterns are beautiful, extremely well crafted, and have an incredible warranty. We are hoping to order exterior lanterns from Bevolo.

At least progress is being made, which I assume is more important than updating this blog. So, until the next time when I feel somewhat guilty about not writing........

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