Friday, November 14, 2014

All in the plans

My favorite cabinet foot design has finally been added to the dining room cabinets. While it wasn't exactly easy to find the designs for the cabinet feet in certain rooms, it became a fun challenge.

Of the three feet we used most, one was found on-line, another drawn from scratch, and the dining room feet were actually traced from a favorite piece of furniture.
As cabinet details were being carefully planned, we were creating a notebook with photos, cabinet drawings, templates, and notes so we could communicate our plans to the trim carpenters. They took these plans, added their magic touch and created some beautiful trim and cabinets using our favorite fluted molding, block paneling, wainscoting, dental molding, and arched door casings.

As the work began, notebook pages were hung on the walls to communicate our plan. When the design was complete, the pages were taken down. Today, I sent a text message to Lauren after finding a discarded page. "Do they understand the amount of time we invested in these pages they have carelessly thrown on the ground by the dumpster?" I asked.  (it was a joke)

It reminded me of a day that an artist friend and I were looking around a garage sale and found some art pieces for sale. My friend told me she would be so sad if she ever saw someone selling a piece of her art because they no longer wanted it. This page of paper is certainly not in the same league as my friend's artistic creations, but I wanted to pick it up, dust it off, and put it back in their notebook. I resisted!

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